The Darwin200 mission

Darwin200 is a planetary conservation initiative, which aims to change the world. It will create the next 200 pioneers of global science and conservation – Darwin200 Leaders – by giving them a life-changing experience, which will inspire and empower them to change their lives and give them the skills they need to help conserve the world of tomorrow

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Glasgow, Ailsa Craig, Islay & Jura

After a chaotic month at sea, we finally arrived in Glasgow, ready for the second leg of our Darwin200 adventure. Despite the journey feeling like it was coming to a close, in actuality it had only just begun. Where there were once sad faces of the departing crew, new fresh faced scientists and sailors took […]

Isles of Scilly- Samson & the Wingletang Ledges

After our pit stop in the wonderful Penzance, anchored in the shadow of Saint Michaels mount the Darwin200 voyage set its sights on the awesome Isles of Scilly, our very own UK Galapagos archipelago consisting of over 140 islands and its very own micro climate packed with unique biodiversity and a range of flora and […]

Penzance & Saint Michael’s

Following on from our Plymouth anchorage the Darwn200 team set their sights on Penzance before making way towards the incredible Isles of Scilly. No sooner as the team departed Plymouth,  they encountered some rather stormy weather with gale-force 9 winds making the task of sailing both a possibility and also a challenge. Never the less the […]